Aster DM Healthcare’s success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior that go beyond our scope of business, aligning ourselves to the interests of not just our patients and stakeholders, but also to millions who are directly or indirectly impacted by our activities.

Dr. Moopen’s (DM) Foundation is the broad umbrella under which the social initiatives of Aster DM Healthcare are being carried out, through the Aster DM Foundation & Dr. Moopen’s Family Foundation (DMFF). All units under DM Foundation work in tandem with sister organisations such as MIMS Charitable Trust (

Dr. Moopen’s Foundation’s corporate charitable arm, Aster DM Foundation is working on several programmes to help the needy. The core of Aster DM Foundation’s goodwill is geared towards: early diseases detection and cancer screening centres; standalone dialysis centres; free paediatric cardiac surgery; subsidised/sponsored speciality care; village adoption in terms of healthcare; help on wheels in the form of mobile clinics; health awareness and community good health programmes; and, support with local or overseas NGOs.

Dr. Moopen Family Foundation

Born out of a desire to help the less fortunate who have medical issues in Kerala, the Dr. Moopen Family Foundation (DMFF) was established to conduct various charitable activities. DMFF comes under the umbrella of Dr. Moopen Foundation, the non-profit charitable and philanthropic arm of Aster DM Healthcare and Dr. Azad Moopen’s family.

DMFF is committed in grassroots programmes such as: village adoption – providing education, social empowerment and special needs school and, works on general charity, social intervention and non-governmental organization (NGO) support.

Through its village adoption, DMFF established the Moopen Institute for Local Empowerment (MILES) with initial roll out in the northern Kerala village of Kalpakancheryre.It provides basic education on general topics aiming to develop an educated and informed citizenry. Some of the topics covered are career guidance, self-employment activities, human resources development, effective teaching, parental workshops, leadership training for the youth, marital counselling, women empowerment programmes, environmental conservation and many others.