A Guide to Identify
Genuine Employment Offers

This brief is to help you to be aware of the fraudulent offers purportedly coming from Aster DM Healthcare or one of its group entities, which may reach you by various means offering attractive but false facts and figures. We would like to make you aware of these fraudulent offers, how to identify genuine offers and what can be done to validate the same in case of any doubt regarding the authenticity of the communication.

Fake offers can be easily identified from two major and noticeable factors:
They are sent through common/public mail domains like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail etc.
They may ask for your personal details like Bank Account number, PIN Number or an amount in lieu of the offer or interview/ opportunity.
Offer may be sent to you without any formal interview (In person/ VC) and purely based on your CV, Such cases are to be fake.
It may offer you compensation beyond market standards or if you are offered some unusual and monetary/nonmonetary benefits.
Furnished below are few points for you to identify the genuineness of the offers which come to you.
Domain: We operate on specific domains (Eg:@dmhealthcare.com) depending on the geographies of operation or the businesses for any communication to the candidates on behalf of Aster DM Healthcare. The employment offers and related communication from the initial stages to the final one are sent from official email ids with the abovementioned Company/Business Specific domains.
Process: Aster DM Healthcare adheres to fair and transparent recruitment practices and processes and we hire people only through official channels such as newspaper advertisements, the services of approved recruitment agencies and employee referrals. The final selection is only based on merit and through a series of interviews and discussions with the officials from the company.
Charges in lieu of the offer: We recruit only as per governmental procedures & guidelines and do not charge any recruitment or related fees from the job aspirants. We respect your talent and the value of the contributions which the talent can make in the holistic growth of the Organization. Hence we never have any demands from the candidates other than their Competence and Commitment to the Organization once they become the part of the Aster DM Healthcare family.
Documents required: During prejoining stages, we only seek for the standard set of documents/ details for processing the employment VISA in case we are recruiting candidates for GCC from overseas. We don’t ask any details like bank account and related financial information.
Role of external Consultants associated with Aster: External agencies associated with us are not authorized to collect any money for recruitment purposes or extend an Offer of Employment on behalf of Aster DM Healthcare.
Websites: Please visit our official website http://asterdmhealthcare.com/ and confirm the contact details/ Recruitment processes and other employment related information. If any mismatch seen from those which is furnished on the Employment offer, it is most likely a fake offer.
Signatory: Reputed companies will have the names of the authorized signatory on the offer letter. You may also verify the genuineness of the same by giving a call on the direct Landline number furnished on the company’s website.
Source: Genuine employment offers and the related official pre-employment communications and requests for the required documents will always be directly from the company / HR representatives / staff and not any external parties like travel agencies.
How to validate a Job Offer from Aster DM Healthcare?
What is to be done on receipt of a fraudulent Offer or
if you would like to validate an Offer you have received?
  • Reading and following the aforementioned points can help you understand the authenticity of employment offers and other recruitment related communications. We hope you will now understand how to avoid traps from fraudulent agencies in the market, which may come your way.
  • Make sure you don’t quit your current employment before verifying whether the employment offer in your hand is genuine or not.
  • Should you have any further queries/ clarifications or to validate the genuineness of an Offer you have received, please write to us at [email protected] We shall help you in validating the offer for you. Moreover, we would appreciate your messages because it helps to keep us informed about the misuse of our Brand name for fraudulent activities.